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What our boarders have to say...

"14 years ago, I bought my girl Sallie from Terry, as a stubby little 3-year-old.  Over the years, she has blossomed into an amazing eventing partner, who has taught me SO much about a sport I knew nothing about! After coming from the world of Hunters, I never dreamed I would be out running around in a field jumping logs, ditches and other fun obstacles.  Terry goes out of her way to provide us with an amazing facility, as well as some of the best educational opportunities in the area.  I think Sallie may be one of Terry’s longest residents at Oakdale, as she has lived pretty much her whole life there (as Terry bought her as an unbroken 2-year old filly).  She has always had the best of care at Oakdale and hopefully she can hang out for another 14!”


Longtime boarder, Judy Lancaster

Judy Lancaster & Sallie.jpg

Judy Lancaster & Ride Sallie Ride "Sallie"

Janet Turner & Gunner.jpg

My AQHA gelding, Gunner, has been at Oakdale for a little over two years.  We love the training, facilities and events that are available at Oakdale.  There is never a shortage of things to do or trainers to ride with, and we love our supportive "barn family." Gunner would say that his favorite part about Oakdale is his lush pasture!


Janet Turner

Janet Turner & Gunner is a Tari "Gunner"

When we came to Oakdale Equestrian Center in 2010 we had no idea how special this place would be! Oakdale is not just a stable. It is a community and one big family! When I had to put down my horse Royal in 2014 I was lost on my next step with a horse! Terry set me up with a great horse named Scooby! He taught me the basics of English riding and Gretel gave me some lessons in the jump field. Scooby was a well-trained dressage horse and gave me lots of confidence!


In 2017 Adam Fillius was upgrading his riding and went with Guinness. He handed me a horse named Harley and that was a dream come true! Harley is a well-trained eventing horse and he connected with me right away!


Last year we took lessons from Jane Kelley and Emily Kolokowsky-Painter. Harley helped me win my first dressage show and cross poles event! I cannot thank the Oakdale Team enough for their support! I look forward to helping out with shows since there is some much love and support from the entire team there!


Oakdale is our favorite place to hang out! We are one big family!


Jake and Nancy Sheaffer

jake & Harley.jpg

The late Jake Sheaffer enjoying one of the many horse shows Oakdale hosts throughout the year

We miss Jake everyday!

Nancy Sheaffer and her mount "Compass"

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