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Terry Adcock, Owner

Terry is an active member of Deep Run Hunt Club, an avid dressage rider and eventer who competes at the local and recognized level.  Growing up riding in Central Virginia, Terry took a 20+year hiatus from horses.  She purchased Oakdale Equestrian Center in 1999, renovated it and began riding again in 2000.  Terry found her love of Irish Sport Horses and Irish Daughts in 2003 and it was all uphill from there.  Terry currently has 3 Irish horses in her barn (Sam, Liam & Wally). You will often see her out riding "Sam" her 8 year old Irish Draught and her newest Irish Draught, 6 year old "Wallyl".  Terry is also an active realtor specializing in horse farms, farmettes and new builds in and around Powhatan, VA.  In Terry's spare time (not that there is much!), she enjoys spending time with her pet fox "Harriett", and her dog "Wim".  Terry is also an active community member of Powhatan, a board for Powhatan Farm Bureau & a chair member of the Powhatan County Agricultural &  Forestal  District Committee. 

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Cate Morven Spring 2022 Dressage_edited.jpg

Emily Kolokowsky-Painter, Barn Manager

Emily is an essential member of our team.  She keeps a keen eye on the horses everyday health and knows all of their habits (good & bad).  Emily started riding at the age of 6 and showed in hunters until she found her now "retired" mount "Larry" in 2004, that is when she found her love for eventing.  Having worked in the horse industry for 20+years managing farms, coaching riding teams and teaching lessons, we are thankful for all Emily does.  Emily keeps two horses with us at Oakdale.  Her 12 year old Irish Draught mare "Cate" and leases "Larry" to another boarder.  In her spare time, Emily likes spending time with her husband, Ricky (who you can also see around the farm), spending time with her dogs, competing her horse and working horse shows.

Wade Palmore, Maintenance Extraordinaire 

Wade was born and raised in Powhatan, still residing on the same farm he grew up on.   Wade stays busy fixing fences, dragging fields, fixing things that Terry & Emily break, and building new XC jumps!  In his free time, Wade love building things and his greenhouse.  Wade raises fruits and vegetables to sell and share with this friends and family.


Wim, Farm Dog Manager

Wim is Terry's 6 year old old Glen of Imaal Terrier, better known as a Wicklow Terrier from Ireland.  Wim enjoys greeting the boarders, guests and going on trail rides.  He loves playing with friends, hunting for mice, naps in the sun and dips in the pond.  

Harriett, Oakdale Mascot

Harriett is Terry's domesticated fox.  Harriet was Terry's birthday present in 2017.  She is a rare silver, red fox.  You can often see Harriett napping in the front yard and occasionally (often) stealing things from inside the house to hide outside.  Harriett definitely keeps things interesting around the farm!  There is always a good story to tell involving her!


Maggie, Farm Dog Security

Maggie is Emily's 7 year old rescue dog.  Maggie loves coming to "work" every day and "helping" with barn chores. In her spare time, she enjoys trail rides, playing with Wim, hunting for mice and long naps in the barn aisle.  

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